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Calories Part 2

Quick review, very quick, I used the Harris Benedict formula to calculate the amount calories required to sustain weight, lose weight or gain weight. I then compared the formula to actual calories by using a metabolic cart. As you will remember, if not, a quick look at the graphs will

Should you eat before you train?

Big question, answered a lot on the old inter-web…and a lot of differing views… So here’s my five pennies worth….. First of all, what type of training are you doing? Resistance training or cardio, and when I say cardio I mean over 30 minutes continuous at a steady pace. Resistance

Calories….to count or not to count…..

All diets based on weight loss no matter what, from slimming world, weight watchers to a successful personal trainer who specialises in weight loss  work on a calorie controlled basis, but how accurate is this and should everyone follow a calorie controlled diet. In this short blog I’m going to

Functional or Fictional Patterns – Should We Be Programming Corrective Exercise?

The 21st century has brought many things to the fitness industry. Calorie trackers. HIIT training. Plenty of nutrient scaremongering. It’s even taken a leaf out of rehab clinics and come up with “detox diets’. Yet whilst there have been plenty of fads in recent times, never has sport, biomechanics &

On the Go – Omelette’s Recipe

With a constant focus on getting in enough protein, to help build that peak physique, it can become boring spending hours in the kitchen.  Here is a recipe that not only minimises how much time you have to spend cooking, but it’s also highly adjustable in terms of fat content.