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On the Go – Omelette’s Recipe

With a constant focus on getting in enough protein, to help build that peak physique, it can become boring spending hours in the kitchen.  Here is a recipe that not only minimises how much time you have to spend cooking, but it’s also highly adjustable in terms of fat content.

Are you moving your body in a correct manner?

When somebody says I am a fitness freak, what mainly people think are that he must be having a muscular physique with proper washboard abs, but Is fitness mainly concerned with our Aesthetics. Most of us want a chiseled physique or body like a Greek god and are spending hours

Calcium: unveiling the myth

Daily Calcium Requirement: 1000mg generally – 1500mg Top End. Actually contrary to popular misconception. The harder you train with Weights, lesser calcium you will need in comparison to the person who doesn’t do much resistance training (Resistance training contributes to significant Osteoblasts, and is a proven bone regenerator). Calcium is

Considerations For Building A Training Regime For Champions (And Why Rocky Got It Wrong)

Jake’s grisly cinderblock throwing in Never Back Down. Bruce Wayne fixing his broken back, with nothing but a rope and some pullups in The Dark Knight Rises. That snow addled, woodchopping training montage in Rocky IV. It’s undeniable that there are some epic training scenes in some of our favourite