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Shake Up Top 10

The post workout window is probably one of the most important segments of your day. Cementing your hard work with a great post workout shake is essential, but people often settle for shakes that are bland, boring and repetitive. Here are my top 10 tips for pumping up your post


Ever since the 90s, a fat free or a low fat diet has been the craze, making fats one of the most misunderstood food groups. People always assume that fats are synonymous with weight gain, obesity, and illnesses. Well, most of these misconceptions are far from the truth. Just like

Asian Sweet Sticky Chicken

Ingredients 500g Chicken Breast 60ml Reduced Salt Soy Sauce 30g Reduced Salt and Sugar Tomato Ketchup 30g Agave Nectar/Honey 1 tsp Ground Ginger   Nutritional Info
(per serving) Calories 230 Protein 40g Carbohydrates 11g Fat 3g Fibre 0g Serves 3 / 1 hour Now I’ll be honest and say I actually got the idea of this

Importance of Protein

Protein The importance of protein has certainly been a key talking point for some time, in terms of what exactly our bodies require, and what types?  There are so many different views and just like any other nutrient there are inconsistencies with exactly how much a person or athlete requires


`Steps to build your motivation and improve your positive mind set: THE POWER OF INFLUENCE “Our subconscious often influences our conscious thoughts” Irrational, self-defeating thoughts and beliefs are extremely common in today’s world.  Negative thoughts power negative emotion and lead to negative action or more often than not, inaction.  They
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