Pre-Exhaust training, a great addition to your monotonous training routine

A common training term that we hear often is pre-exhaust training. Pre-exhuast as the name suggests refers to a training pattern where you start your training by exhausting a muscle by performing isolation exercises and then later move on to compound exercises for overall breakdown. Besides the fact that your

Cable machines, a great tool to help you train smartly

Cable machine exercises are one of the most effective isolation exercises you perform. They have a great utility when it comes to isolating the movement and providing constant tension. One of the most important benefit in using cable machines is the saving of time. The hassle of setting up a

Understanding Tendinitis

There are various injuries that happen in sport, some are controlled some occur as a consequence of overuse, un attended previous injuries etc. tendinitis is one such injury that occurs because of various reasons, some controlled while some neglected. Tendinitis, also known as tendonitis, is the inflammation of a tendon.

Difference between Low carb and Ketogenic diet

One of the most confusing situation for people is to understand between low carb and ketogenic diet. The major worry is purely the carbohydrate content in both the diets. Ketogenic diets are strictly focussing on fats and proteins out of which almost 75% of the calories come from fat while

Green tea, not just your regular tea alternative

Ever wondered what makes green tea such a healthy version of the tea. It is the EGCG which is one of the most active ingredients of Green tea that makes the tea so effective. Green Tea is effective or helpful to the human body in many ways which can help