Utkarsh Singh Rajput

united kingdom
Physique Global – Associate

⁠⁠⁠Utkarsh Singh, is a mechanical engineer and certified fitness trainer. Currently he is working as a fitness trainer and a content writer. He says that “I believe in learning because this is how we grow and gain experience to become a better person. The journey from a mechanical engineer to a fitness trainer has been amazing. I have evolved mentally and physically. I feel blessed when I am able to contribute my own bit in anyone’s life. I love to share knowledge among people and educate them in the right direction. Also, I am educating myself as there is no end in learning.”

As an educator and trainer, he believes that in addition to all skills, it is very important to have compassion and empathy, it is important to understand the client emotionally as well and if you do that you can deliver your best as I have travelled and experienced the same path that how it feels to be unfit.

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