Why understanding cortisol is very important from an overall health perspective.

Cortisol, the word which has been heavily attached to bodybuilding is none other than a body hormone which is also called stress hormone. It is a catabolic hormone which is completely opposite to testosterone which is a anabolic hormone. Catabolic means anything that is breaking down and anabolic means the

Understanding the Valsalva Maneuver or Valsalva breathing pattern

Breathing, something we do almost every second that we are alive. Sounds too cliched but yet the truth. When it comes to weightlifting though, breathing is a major component but has a different way to be performed. Most weightlifting coaches, manuals talk about something called as the Valsalva Maneuver, or

Importance of Vitamins and Minerals from exercise perspective.

Just like your macro-nutrients your vitamins and minerals which form part of the micronutrient foods are also very important. The only reason they are called micro is that they are required by the body in less than 10g while the macro requirement is quite higher. This by no means lessens

What is Biological Value for Proteins?

Proteins, a word that most gym goers and bodybuilding fans often speak or hear almost a zillion times a day. It is all they can think of while building those muscles. More often these days we hear people talking about a certain value called the BV value or the Biological

Why it is important to include hammer curls in your bicep workout

Hammer curls are one of the most functional bicep exercise as they replicate the usual functionality of the elbow flexors group. What it means is that, the way we use our forearms and the elbow flexor muscles during daily activities is how we perform the movement for that exercise. The