The Ultimate Fitness Aid: Wearable technology

Counting out 10,000 steps a day really make a difference? Is it useful to know just how bad your night’s sleep was? Or is it really important to track your heart rate, fasting duration etc? Yes, this is exactly what technology is capable of doing in todays word. Wearable fitness

Foods to eat and to avoid on Keto diet

When it comes to keto food choices, choosing nutrient dense foods is key to maintaining good health. What you eat matters and can directly affect your overall health, wellbeing and how successful you are on any type of diet. To force your body into ketosis, your macronutrients splits should be

Should you be doing Ketogenic diet?

Now that we’ve already covered what exactly Keto diet is and its pros and cons in our last few articles, let’s now figure out if this is the right diet for YOU. Human body’s response to the ketogenic diet varies from individual to individual. They’re based on our biology, our

Pros and cons of Keto diet

Many people have actually experienced superpowers like abilities when in ketosis. Numerous studies have also proved how a keto diet can improve your health. So it’s not magic, but Science! Let’s have a look at some of the benefits which Keto diet has to offer –

  • Weight loss is

What is Keto diet?

A ketogenic diet, also commonly known as Keto diet is a super low-carb diet which emphasis on eating healthy fats to reach your daily caloric goal. The diet gets its name from a process called ketosis, which is basically body’s mechanism of burning calories from fat instead of sugar. The

Top 5 exercises for increasing shoulder mass

Shoulder muscles are one of the most aesthetically important muscle which enhances your upper body. A perfectly muscular and rounded shoulder gives you those extra brownie points when it comes to bodybuilding. Three major muscles found in your shoulder area include the anterior (front) deltoid, medial (side) deltoid, and posterior